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The Board of Commissioners of the Bossier Levee District met in regular session on Wednesday, May 9, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. at the Levee Board Office, 3404 Industrial Drive, Bossier City, Louisiana. The President, Tim Larkin, called the meeting to order.

ROLL CALL PRESENT: Commissioners – ALLEY, LARKIN, MOORE, and STELLY. Staff: Mark Long, Deanna Rabb, Robert Tomasek & German Velazquez from the Department of Transportation
and Development, and Tom Arceneaux, District Counsel.


The first order of business was the opening prayer by Commissioner Montgomery and the Pledge of Allegiance by Commissioner Larkin.

On motion by Alley, seconded by Stelly, and unanimously passed, the Board dispensed with the reading of the minutes and approved the minutes of the regular Board Meeting previously held on April 13, 2022.


On suggestion of the Chair to add an item to the agenda, Alley moved and Moore seconded a motion to add the revised Dalco Brownlee Plat (Section 33, Township 19 North, Range 13 West, Bossier Parish) for review. The President asked if any member of the public wished to speak on whether to add the item to the agenda and there were no requests to speak. The following Commissioners voted:

Alley - Yes
Larkin - Yes
Moore - Yes
Stelly - Yes

The Commissioners having voted unanimously to add the item to the agenda, it was added.


Shea Maddox representing the Cypress Bend HOA submitted a permit request for the proposed building of a concrete entry and repair of an existing drive along the west side of Willow Chute Bayou located in the Cypress Bend Subdivision.

On motion by Moore, seconded by Alley, and on recommendation from the Applications Committee the Board postponed any discussion of granting approval of the above permit until actual bona fide ownership questions can be addressed and resolved. (PERMIT #2022 – 34)

Ryan Estess with Raley & Associates requested a permit on behalf of their client John Harvey Subaru to allow them to expand the current parking lot that would encroach into the District’s Control Area on Benoit Bayou Lateral #2.

On motion by Moore, seconded by Alley, and on recommendation from the Applications Committee the Board postponed any further discussion of the John Harvey Subaru expansion approval due to current plans not providing the existing Control Area and detailing the extent of the encroachment needed. The permit may need to include an obligation for the Permittee to provide a 24-hour contact number to allow the District to notify them that they may have to move said vehicles off of the Control Area if needed. (PERMIT #2022 – 35)

Mathew Redmon with the Bossier Parish Police Jury submitted a revised plan and profile drawing for re-approval showing the proposed installation of a walking trail and a new request for a culvert crossing on Benoit Bayou in conjunction with the North Bossier Shared Use Trail Phase 2 project.

On motion by Moore, seconded by Stelly, and on recommendation from the Applications Committee the Board approved the permit request for the installation of the new culvert crossing Benoit Bayou. No comments from the public. (Walking trail portion previously permitted as Permit #2018 – 31 / PERMIT #2022 - 38.)


The Board reviewed the revised Dalco Brownlee Plat (Section 33, Township 19 North, Range 13 West, Bossier Parish) for approval and authorization of a No Objection Letter.

On motion by Moore, seconded by Stelly and unanimously passed the Board authorized a Letter of No Objection to be issued to the MPC approving the DALCO plat. No comments from the public.


The Board reviewed and discussed a map received from the MPC created by Mohr and Associates, Inc. seeking approval for the proposed construction of a Southern Classic Fried Chicken that will potentially encroach into the Control Area of the Bossier City Ditch.

On motion by Alley, seconded by Stelly, and on recommendation from the Applications Committee the Board approved the application for the upcoming construction of the Southern Classic Chicken restaurant by issuing a letter of no objection and stated that Bossier City maintains the concrete ditch and therefore, no encroachment permit would be required by the Bossier Levee District. No comments from the public.

The Board reviewed the Fairburn Subdivision, Unit No. 6 plat received from the MPC for approval and authorization of No Objection Letter from the Bossier Levee District.

On motion by Moore, seconded by Stelly, and on recommendation from the Applications Committee the Board stated that Mr. Mark Long would administratively issue a letter of no objection to the MPC. No comments from the public.

Clinton Patrick on behalf of Cypress Baptist Church located at 4701 Palmetto Road re-submitted a permit request for the installation of a drainage culvert, type change, and driveway crossing on Flat River to Flat River Willow Chute Cut-Off, including a revised Ditch and Culvert Analysis as well.

On motion by Moore, seconded by Stelly, and on recommendation from the Applications Committee the Board approved the encroachment permit and changes to be made on behalf of Cypress Baptist Church, subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the Parish Flood Plain Engineer, Butch Ford (BPJJ) and the plan revisions requested by Mr. Mark Long. No comments from the public.

Mr. Mark Long discussed possible proposed upcoming Levee Drainage Projects with the Applications Committee prior to the Board Meeting that included the following: Culvert liners for Red Chute Bayou to be contracted, erosion work on the Red River, and channel clearing work in the Flat River.

The Board discussed a letter received from the Cypress Black Bayou Recreation & Water Conservation District Board of Commissioners stating that Ms. Kelly Long’s term expires on July 31st, 2022 and we would need to take action since she is currently serving on behalf of the Bossier Levee District. She also sent in a written statement attesting to her abilities and wanting to continue to serve in the same capacity.

On motion by Alley, seconded by Stelly, and on recommendation from the Applications Committee the Board authorized the re-appointment of Ms. Kelly Long to serve on behalf of the BLD on the Cypress Black Bayou Recreation & Water Conservation District Board of Commissioners for another term. No comments from the public.

The Nominating Committee presented a new slate of officers for the 2022 – 2024 term and the Board presented them.

On motion by Stelly, seconded by Moore, and on recommendation from the Nomination Committee the Board elected a new slate of officers to serve during the 2022 – 2024 term. They are as follows:

President: Commissioner Mr. Timothy A. Larkin
1 st Vice President: Commissioner Mr. John Michael Moore
2 nd Vice President: Commissioner Mr. Carl Bantle


Red Chute Bayou Channel Slope Repairs
- Recent high-water events have caused several slope failures on the bayou inside Barksdale AFB; work is needed to remove trees and stabilize slope failures near levee.
- July 24, 2019 – Vicksburg Corps conducted a damage assessment of high-water damages on Red Chute Bayou; no determination as of November 11, 2019.
- December 9, 2019 – Donald Walker, Chief of Vicksburg Corps Emergency Management called and advised that the Vicksburg Corps would be providing funding for approximately 10 bank caving sites along the levee.
- December 10, 2019 – Captain Papia with the Vicksburg District made a site visit to assess the bank repair areas.
- March 30, 2020 – received letter dated March 24, 2020, from the colonel of the Vicksburg District Army Corps denying our request for PL 84-99 funding for bank caving repairs.
- Waiting for further direction from Corps on repair requirements.
- July 8, 2021 – Lanny Barfield, with the USACE Vicksburg District, advised that the District recently requested approval from the MVD for funding approval to repair of the sites.
- May 10, 2022 – Received an email from Craig Prestwood, Senior Project Manager, with the USACE Vicksburg District advising that our request for bank stabilization repairs has been approved by the MVD and that they are getting ready to send in a funding request to MVD for design and data collection.

Red Chute Levee
- USACE Periodic Levee Inspection scheduled for week of June 6, 2022.

Red Chute Levee Raise Project
- Mitigation analysis for levee raise is being conducted by Nixon Engineering and Dewberry Consultants.
- October 31, 2019 – Nixon Engineering delivered mitigation report.
- December 8, 2019 – Kurt Nixon and Jacob Lesue presented the board with mitigation study results.
- March 11, 2020 – Kurt Nixon submitted a revised mitigation study report with recommendations for a levee raise and mitigation.

Levee Inspection Compliance
- BLD has completed an inspection and report of deficiencies on the Red River Levee including items listed on the USACE 2019 Levee Inspection Report. Our plan of action is to start removing all unwanted vegetation and other encroachments in areas where permission can be obtained from property owners.
- Corps Routine annual inspection conducted on May 3, 2021, on the Red Chute Bayou Levee.
- Corps Periodic Levee Inspection conducted May 4-5, 2021, on the Red River Levee.
- Work underway south of LA 511 Bridge removing encroaching trees and brush.
- November 15, 2021 thru November 18, 2021 video inspection made on all levee drainage structures.

Red River Levee Certification
- May 8, 2018 – sent letter to Corps requesting their services in providing new levee certification.
- February 7, 2020 – we received word from Craig McRaney with the Vicksburg Corps that the levee can be raised above elevation of Lock and Dam 5 Road; Mr. McRaney also advised that the levee district should submit a request for a 408 permit to raise the levee in the areas with insufficient freeboard.
- February 10, 2020 – a conference call was held with several members of the Vicksburg Corps; the purpose of the call was to seek guidance on how to expedite the permit for the levee raise and to request that the Corps provide assistance in obtaining the permit. Very little new information was obtained from the call; the Corps did say that they would research the Congressional Authorization for the levee to determine if any restrictions such as an additionally congressional authorization would be needed to raise the levee.
- September 9, 2020 – hired Kurt Nixon to review options for levee certification.
- January 11, 2021 – held conference call with Vicksburg Corps and discussed 408 permit requirements for raising the areas with deficient free board on the Red River Levee north of Lock and Dam 5.
- March 3, 2021 – Kurt Nixon provided progress letter on status of the 408 permit.
- April 12, 2021 – conference call held with Katy Breaux and members of the Vicksburg Army Corps of Engineers to discuss a Risk Assessment to be used for levee certification.
- April 22, 2021 – conference call with Vicksburg Corps to discuss Risk Assessment; Katy Breaux advised that the Corps has obtained funding for the Hydraulic Analysis portion of a Risk Assessment
- June 8, 2021 – spoke with Katy Breaux, Project Manager with Vicksburg Corps and she advised that work on the Hydraulic Analysis portion of the Risk Assessment should be completed by the end of July 2021.
- On August 17, 2021 Raley and Associates completed work on cross sectioning and topo survey of a 6.0-mile segment of the levee from lock and Dam 5 road north.
- January 4, 2022 – received a status update on the CORPS H&H Analysis for the Red River Levee; the H&H Analysis is complete however they are waiting on new risk assessment classification guidance before issuing a report.
- March 28, 2022 – a meeting with the Vicksburg Corps and local officials was held; the Corps presented their recommendations for a path forward on levee accreditation and discussed an in-depth levee risk assessment to be cost shared with the Corps and local entities; estimated cost range between $250,000.00 and $750,000.00.

Red River Corps Study
- August 28, 2019 – the Vicksburg Corps met with the Flood Technical Committee and briefed the Committee on the preliminary findings from the Study. The Study has produced a new 100-year flood profile which indicates that a portion of the levee north of Lock and Dam 5 has less than the minimum 3-foot free board; the new 100-year flood profile will also require new Base Flood Elevations (BFEs) be established. The Study is scheduled to be completed in March or April of 2020. Shona Gibson with FEMA Region 6 was also at the meeting, and she said the Corps and FEMA will be working together to produce the new BFE’s; she also said that our levee system will not be re-certified due to the deficient levee height north of Lock and Dam 5.
- December 6, 2019 – we received the new 1% WSE river profile grades for the Red River Levee from the Vicksburg Corp.
- December 13, 2019 – we received plan and profile drawings with new 1% WSE river profile.
- August 6, 2020 – Corps held a WebEx meeting and discussed the summary report; they also provided copies of the report. 

Flat River Outfall Pipes - South of Sligo Road
- February 2, 2022 – Cooperative Endeavor Agreement made with the Bossier Parish Police Jury to cost share on the installation of two outfall pipes south of Sligo Road on Flat River.

Red Chute Bayou Levee Culvert Rehab
- November 18, 2021, video inspection of the outfall CMP culvert at station 238+30 revealed a separation in the corrugated metal pipe; repair needed as soon as possible.
- December 15, 2021 – the board approved advertising for bids for HDPE culvert liners to line two CMP culverts on Red Chute Levee located on BAFB. 
- January 12, 2022 - HDPE Culvert Liner Bid from Isco Industries, Inc. in the amount of $62,816.20 was approved by board.
- February 2, 2022 – received delivery of HDPE Culvert Liners.

Tinsley Ditch Culverts
- December 15, 2022 – the board authorized Kurt Nixon with Nixon Engineer to proceed with survey and design for the replacement of existing culverts under Crowing Lane and installation of a new culvert between Crowing Lane and Lateral B-4 ditch.
- February 1, 2022 – revised construction plans received from Nixon Engineering.
- March 3, 2022 – Bids were opened for the Crowing Lane Drainage Improvements with a low bid of $232,757.50 from FJ Burnell.
- March 30. 2022 – work began.
- May 9, 2022 – work approximately 84% complete.

Red River Levee Ponding Area
- January 5, 2022 – requested surveyor to survey area near Red River Levee Station 147+00 to determine how best to drain an area of ponding water adjacent to the levee.
- April 1, 2022 received survey information from Travis Sturdivant with Raley and Associates of ponding area and proposed drainage ditch.

Levee and Drainage Crews
- Preparing for USACE Periodic Levee Inspection.
- Removed fallen trees from levees and channels in various locations.
- Inspecting levees, channels, and drainage structures; cleaning outfall pipes and flap gates.
- Trimming trees and brush on levees and drainage channels.
- Mowing levees and drainage channels.
- Servicing and repairing equipment.

Surplus Equipment
- The following equipment is to be sold as surplus.
1) 2003 Case MX 110 with 5313 hours; Equipment # 205.
2) 2016 John Deere 6135E with 520 hours; Equipment # 380.
3) 2016 John Deere 6135E with 326 hours; Equipment # 381.
4) 2009 John Deere 7230 with 4975 hours; Equipment # 207.
5) 2009 John Deere 7230 with 4705 hours: Equipment # 208.
6) 2007 Ford F-450 with 103,566 miles; Equipment # 108.
7) 2000 John Deere Track Excavator with 4790 hours; Equipment # 203.


On motion by Bantle, seconded by Alley, and unanimously approved, the Board authorized the Secretary for the District to make payments for the month of April in the amount of $277,890.58 as set forth in the materials provided for the Board. The May 9, 2022 Bossier Levee District Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:55 a.m.



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