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The Board of Commissioners of the Bossier Levee District met in regular session on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. at the Levee Board Office, 3404 Industrial Drive, Bossier City, Louisiana.

The 1 st Vice President, Lindell Webb, called the meeting to order.



The first order of business was opening prayer by Commissioner Webb and the Pledge of Allegiance by Commissioner Alley.

On motion by Montgomery, seconded by Alley, and unanimously passed, the Board dispensed with the reading of the minutes and approved the minutes of the regular board meeting held on June 12, 2019.


William R. Long, with DDR & E Investments, LLC and Mr. Bill Blocker, Contractor appeared before the Applications Committee prior to the Board Meeting to request a reduction of the Bossier Levee District’s 50 foot servitude and easement on Lot 1, Willow Chute Commercial Subdivision, Unit NO. 1,Book 1207, page 657 – 5510 Airline Drive. This approval is being sought from the high bank of Willow Chute Bayou for the construction of a 2500 square foot building with 25 parking spaces for retail space on the north end of the property.

On motion by Stelly, seconded by Montgomery, and unanimously passed the Board indicated its preliminary positive impression of the application. The Board stated that they will issue an encroachment permit not an easement reduction subject to the review of final plans once submitted and once a letter of no objection is obtained from the DOTD. No comments from the public.

Robert Berry, Executive Director of the Cypress Black Bayou Recreational and Water Conservation District appeared before the Board to introduce Mr. Mel Allen who has been appointed as the new Vice President, to replace Mr. Allen Warren, due to him relocating and therefore resigning from his V. P. position on the Cypress Black Bayou Recreation and Water Conservation District Board of Commissions.

The Board discussed the great working relationship with Mr. Warren and wished him well. They expressed that it was great to meet Mr. Allen and that they looked forward to working with him in the future until 2023, when this position will be up for reappointment.




The Board was updated on approval given to generate a letter of no objection written to the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) by President, Tim Larkin and Mark Long, Operations Coordinator regarding a minor revision for The Victoria Meadows Subdivision. No comments from the public.

To adopt millage rate as is with no changes @ 4.30 for 2019 and the passage of the resolution (NO ROLL FORWARD).

On motion by Moore, seconded by Stelly, and unanimously passed the Board passed the resolution to adopt the same millage rate of 4.30 with no changes and no roll forward for the year. No comments from the public.

Approval of the amended budget for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2019. On motion by Moore, seconded by Montgomery, and unanimously passed the Board approved the spreadsheet outlining the amended budget for the fiscal year of July 1 st , 2018 through June 30 th , 2019. No comments from the public.

Naming the Bossier Press Tribune as the official journal for the Bossier Levee District. On motion by Moore, seconded by Alley, and unanimously passed the Board named the Bossier Press Tribune as the official journal for all of the Bossier Levee District’s publication needs. No comments from the public.

On motion by Montgomery, seconded by Moore, and unanimously passed the Board approved the transfer of $300,000.00 from Huddleston Smith to the checking account for upcoming expenditures including payroll and construction projects. No comments from the public.


Red Chute Levee Improvement Project

- January 9, 2019 at 9:30 am. – opened bids on Red Chute Bayou Levee Improvement Project; with low bid of $5,145,791.49 from Testament Construction Services, LLC.
- March 21, 2019 – Railroad contractor installed RR Crossing at Red Chute Levee.
- March 22, 2019 – contract signed with Testament Construction.
- April 10, 2019- held preconstruction meeting.
- May 6, 2019 - Received letter of no objection to issue notice to proceed from Statewide Flood Control.
- July 8, 2019 – on northern section of levee approximately water remains near levee toe as of this date; water elevation at Dogwood Trail is 158.63 and falling at an approximate rate of 0.2 feet per day; anticipate working conditions to become suitable for work in approximately one week..

Red Chute Levee Raise Project
- Mitigation analysis for levee raise is being conducted by Nixon Engineering and Dewberry Consultants.
- June 6, 2019 – Kurt Nixon gave a power point presentation on ongoing study for mitigating potential levee raise impacts; analysis to be expanded to include improvements for south Bossier drainage.

Red Chute Bayou Channel
- Recent high-water events have caused several slope failures on the bayou inside Barksdale AFB; work is needed to remove trees and stabilize slope failures near levee. Work to be scheduled when water levels drop sufficiently to make a complete assessment of damages and allow for tree removal and placement of riprap.

Levee Inspection Schedule

Corps of Engineers Red River Levee Inspection was made on February 19, 2019. DOTD Red Chute Levee Inspection made on February 18, 2019. Corps of Engineers Red Chute Levee Periodic Inspection completed on June 10, 2019.

Red River Levee Certification

- Levee certification expires September 30, 2019.
- May 8, 2018 – sent letter to Corps requesting their services in providing new levee certification.

Red River Corps Study

- March 29, 2017 – Received schedule of activities for Corps Sediment Study and Hydraulic Analysis for the Red River; estimated time for Hydraulic Model to be finalized is July 2019 and the estimated time for the Sediment Model to be finalized is December 2019.

Bossier Drainage Maintenance Initiative

- Red Chute brush removal between US 80 and I-20 scheduled to resume when site conditions dry.

Flat River Erosion Repairs

- Nixon Engineering – working on survey and preliminary design for erosion control work north of Sligo Road.

Herndon Ditch

- October 10, 2018 – board approved a project to regrade 4400 LF of the ditch.
- October 18, 2018 - Newt Brown Contractor started work excavating and grading ditch.
- December 18, 2018 – channel excavation substantially complete; grading of spoil dirt to be completed when site dries.
- February 11, 2019 – Ditch side slopes developed extensive embankment slides after recent Flat River high water event.

Red Chute Bayou Levee Culvert Rehab

- May 9, 2018 – approval given for contract to line remaining unlined CMP Culverts on Red Chute Bayou Levee in the amount of $138,317.52.

Bossier Levee District Facility Upgrades

- March 18, 2019 – M&M Builders started work on Bossier Levee District Facility Upgrades.
- April 8, 2019 – earthwork grading, drilled piers, stone base, and forms set for slabs on new shop and on existing shop. -- - April 9, 2019 - concrete slab poured on existing equipment shed; concrete slab pour scheduled for April 12th on new shop.
- April 12, 2019 – poured concrete slab on new shop building.
- July 8, 2019 - Construction on metal building approximately 80% complete.

Levee and Drainage Crews

- Mowing levees and drainage channels.
- Spraying herbicide on drainage channels and levees.
- Inspecting levees, channels, and drainage structures; cleaning outfall pipes and flap gates.
- Cleaning debris buildup on bridges.
- Servicing and repairing equipment.


- March 13, 2019 submitted purchase order for 3 new John Deere 6145M Tractors thru the State Contract in the amount of $99,501.20 each. Estimated delivery time August 15, 2019.
- March 14, 2019 submitted purchase order for a new F-450 Crew Cab 4X4 Work Truck for tractor crew. Estimated August 15, 2019.

Surplus Equipment

- Requesting to declare the following as surplus equipment to be sold at auction:

1) 2003 Case MX 110 with 5313 hours; Equipment # 205.
2) 2016 John Deere 6135E with 459 hours; Equipment # 380.


On motion by Montgomery, with second by Alley, and unanimously approved, the Board authorized the Secretary for the District to make payments in the amount of $257,575.22 as set forth in materials provided for the Board.

On motion by Alley, seconded by Webb, the July 10 th , 2019 Bossier Levee District Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:25 a.m.



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Tim Larkin, President                   Deanna S. Rabb, Secretary       


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