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The Board of Commissioners of the Bossier Levee District met in regular session on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at the Levee Board Office, 3404 Industrial Drive, Bossier City, Louisiana.

The President, James Rabb, called the meeting to order.



The first order of business was opening prayer and pledge of allegiance by Commissioner Sinclair.

On motion by Lasseigne, seconded by Sinclair, unanimously passed, the Board dispensed with the reading of the minutes and approved the minutes of the regular meeting held on September 14, 2016.


President Rabb, introduced Britney Johnson and Brianna Caldwell with Louisiana Spirit who help victims of flooding, who are here to observe.

Micha Duffy with Coyle Engineering, Inc., representing Cypress Baptist Church

requesting a permit to expand their facility and add a parking lot within the easement along the west side of Flat River and adding a storm drain. Spoken earlier with Butch Ford, Parish Engineer who advised that they have met all requirements of the Jury.

On motion by Lasseigne, seconded by Webb unanimously carried, the Board approved the permit contingent on review by Robert Tomasek, DOTD and Mark Long, Operations Coordinator, BLD and letter of No Adverse from the Bossier Parish Police Jury. The President asked if there were any comments from the public, there were none.

Donnie Barker with Mohr and Associates representing Waterford Bend Subdivision in Legacy is requesting a permit to install the outfall drainage pipe within the easement, along the high bank of Flat River.

On motion by Sinclair, seconded by Lasseigne, unanimously passed the Board approved the permit with the following requirements, a letter from Butch Ford, Parish Engineer, approval from the DOTD Engineer on changes requested to lower the outfall pipe and approval from Mark Long, Operations Coordinator, BLD after the changes have been presented. The President asked if there were comments from the public, there were none.

Mark Long, Operations Coordinator representing Gina Gomez and Stacy Turney who are in the process of obtaining 27 acres of land in Bossier City, La. which has a low water crossing over Willow Chute that allows access to the back portion of land. They are requesting continued access over the crossing.

On motion by Sinclair, seconded by Webb and unanimously passed, the Board requested Tom Arceneaux, Attorney to write a letter of no objection to the owners stating the approval of the use of the current crossing and if any modifications are done to the property it will require a study. The President asked if there were any comments from the public, there were none.



On motion by Webb, seconded by Larkin, unanimously passed the Board approved a resolution to reimburse at actual expenses those employees and commissioners attending the Association of Levee Boards Convention, New Orleans, La., December 7-8,2016. The President asked if there were any comments from the public, there were none.

On motion by Lasseigne, seconded by Larkin, unanimously passed the Board accepted the low bid of $397,626.00 by 3 Gen Construction for the Red River Levee Maintenance Project and authorized the President, James Rabb to sign the contract on behalf of the Levee District, after is has been reviewed by Mark Long, Operations Coordinator. The President asked if there were comments from the public, there were none.

The Board reviewed a letter from Miller, Mentzer Walker, P.C. representing J W Gathering advising that JWG has recently entered into a transaction with Aethon United BR LP and PEO Haynesville Holdco, LLC both with an address of 12377 Merit Drive, Suite 1200 Dallas, Texas which will include a transfer of JEG’s leasehold rights in the Instruments upon closing. Accordingly, JWG notifies you of the transfer.

The Board advised their Attorney, Tom Arceneaux to write a letter to Miller Mentzer Walker, P.C. and advise them that the lease requires consent of assignment which has not been requested. The President asked if there were comments from the public, there were none.

On motion by Lasseigne, seconded by Sinclair, unanimously passed the Board approved a resolution authorizing the Secretary to transfer $400,000.00 from Huddleston/Smith for expenditures and payroll. The President if there were comments from the public, there were none.

On motion by Sinclair, seconded by Lasseigne, and unanimously passed, the Board authorized the Secretary to pay expenses in the amount of $170,289.93.


Red Chute Levee Improvement Project

- July 2, 2015 – submitted final plans to Corps and DOTD for review.

- August 6, 2015 – received letter from Statewide Flood Control for Fiscal Year 2016 Funding; $980,100 for FY 15/16; total to date $2,112,115; balance to complete State’s obligation $2,491,345.

- April 19, 2016 – Met with Vicksburg Corps and discussed 408 review; they advised that the information submitted by Dewberry was inadequate for their review.

- June 15, 2016 – Meeting scheduled with Vicksburg Corps to discuss 408 H&H submittal.

- July 21, 2016 – Met with Statewide Flood Control manager and discussed building the project in two phases; Phase 1 being from ground line up to current levee elevation and Phase 2 being from current levee elevation up to new levee design grade when approved by Corps. Billy Williamson, Statewide Flood Control manager, spoke favorable of the plan for 2 phases of construction; at this time, we have not received an official approval.

- July 29, 2016 – Approved contract for Dewberry for additional work required for Corps 408 permit H&H submittal in the amount of $71,210.00.

- October 10, 2016 – Received plans from Denmon Engineering for Red Chute Levee Widening Project; plans and permit request will be submitted to the Corps latter this week.

Red Chute Levee Maintenance

- Received approval to advertise for bids for HDPE pipe liners for two locations between I-20 and State Levee; revised estimated material cost $105,000.00.

- Work is ongoing by BLD crews filling low areas on Red Chute Levee between Hwy 80 and Dogwood Trail.

- Newt Brown Contractors completed 3.14 miles of levee surfacing on BAFB from Range Road south 3.14 miles.

- Received request from LA Downs to raise concrete walls on sluice gate concrete Box in order to allow electric pumps to work during periods of high water. Received quote from FJ Burnell in the amount of $8,800.00 to raise the walls 22” on two sluice gate boxes and other associated work.

Bossier Drainage Maintenance Initiative

- October 5, 2016 - Hired Timberland Maintenance Service on hourly basis to remove trees and logs from Red Chute Bayou Channel; work is currently ongoing on BAFB in areas where the levee is threatened by bank caving.

Red Chute Bayou Levee Sluice Gate Repair

- October 10, 2016 - FJ Burnell Construction completed installation of sluice gate and associated work on box located on Red Chute Bayou Levee on BAFB at levee station 238+44.

Red River Levee Maintenance Repair Project

- September 7, 2016 – started advertising for bids Red River levee maintenance project; bid opening October 5, 2016. Estimated cost $465,000.

- October 5, 2016 – Opened bids for Red River Levee Maintenance Repair Project; with a low bid from 3 Gen Construction LLC of $397,626.00.

Red River Levee PL 84-99 Repairs

- August 18, 2015 – PL 84-99 Eligibility Determination site visit with Vicksburg USACE to inspect bank caving near Red River Levee station 1080+00 to 1087+00; also area near levee station 2385+00 stability berm is eroding.

- February 3, 2016 – Spoke with Barry Moore with the Vicksburg Corps and he advised that the PL 84-99 request has been approved and funds are available for the bank stability repairs at levee station 10+80 to 10+87. He anticipates that a notice to proceed will be given in June of this year and the estimated completion date is September 15, 2016.

- March 31, 2016 – Sent Authorization for Entry to Corps for PL 84-99 survey work.

- June 8, 2016 - furnished construction RW document for repair work.

- July 12, 2016 – Corps soil boring crew obtained soil boring for bank caving repair design.

- Verbal commitment from Corps for work to begin mid-September with Corps Hired Labor Crew.

Levee and Drainage Crews

- Mowing levees and drainage channels.

- Maintenance repairs on levees between US 80 and Dogwood Trail.

- Inspecting levees, channels, and drainage structures; cleaning outfall pipes and flap gates.

- Servicing and repairing equipment.     

- Clearing on Red Chute Bayou between US 80 and Dogwood Trail.

- Inspecting sand bag removal.


On motion by Lasseigne seconded by Webb the meeting adjourned.



__________________________  _____________________________
James Rabb, President                 Mary Jane Easterly, Secretary       


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